The Chocolate Lounge

More than just a chocolate shop, Chocolate Utopia also has a lounge where you can enjoy our exceptional hot chocolate or our fresh locally ground coffee. All our hot drinks are served with a complimentary chocolate of your choice, making this the perfect way to relax and sample our chocolate.

Hot chocolates are our speciality, we use a generous amount of our high quality chocolate blended with steamed milk, topped with cream and then dusted with chocolate sprinkles. We recommend our house hot chocolate, a 65% dark chocolate blend or for a sweeter palate we also offer a milk hot chocolate, or a super sweet white hot chocolate.

Hot Chocolates


Lounge Menu
All drinks accompanied with a complimentary chocolate of your choice

Hot Chocolate Menu

House Hot Chocolate

A smooth rounded 60% dark melted chocolate, blended with steamed milk, topped with cream and chocolate sprinkles.

Milk Hot Chocolate

A smooth caramel milk chocolate

White Hot Chocolate

For those with a sweeter tooth

Tea Menu


with milk or cream

Earl Grey Tea

with milk or cream

A Wide Selection Of Herbal Teas

including Peppermint Tea and Green Tea, please ask for selection

Coffee Menu


Black coffee served with milk or cream on the side (traditional coffee)


Shot of coffee topped with steamed milk (a milky coffee)


Frothed milk on top of a shot of coffee, finished with chocolate sprinkles.


Luxury Belgian chocolate blended with a milk and coffee.


Shot of coffee.

Cold Drinks

Orange Juice


Coca Cola and Diet Coca Cola


Soya Milk available.

Decaffeinated coffee freshly ground available for all coffees.

Extra coffee shot 30 pence.